Are you a Brittany Bishop Bride?


Are you a #BBP Bride?

Something I have put a lot of thought and effort into is the experience I provide to each of my couples, from the initial conversation all the way to the delivery of images.  I hold complimentary bridal consultations so that I can learn more about you, hear your story & vision for your wedding, and so you can learn more about me.  So if you’re wondering if you would be a good fit as a #BBPbride, do you...

Love the little things.  I am detail oriented and sentimental. I love taking detail photos during the getting ready portion of the day, and it always brings a smile to my face when the bride has included special items for me photograph (i.e. family heirloom jewelry (something old!), love notes, wedding day flowers from her fiancé, etc). I promise to capture all the little things that make up your wedding day.

Love gifts.  Gift giving is my love language, so there is no surprise this is a big part of my business!  I love to invest in my couples and thank them along the way! When working with me, expect to get a little bit spoiled ;)

Want a friend in your photographer.  Aside from your bridesmaids and family, I will be the person who is by your side the whole day.  I will be right there with for all the moments and emotions on the biggest day of your life, so I want to be someone you can call friend.  I promise to not be just another wedding vendor. I also promise to not be someone you only hear from when signing a contract at the beginning, and then not again until the day of the wedding. I will be there for you through the whole process leading up to the wedding day, and will help you however I can with planning along the way.  I love it when brides share the exciting parts of the planning process with me! Saying goodbye at the end of the night on your wedding day will likely be a long embrace! I always feel so blessed to be a part of such an important day in a couple’s life.

Want a beautiful marriage, not just a beautiful wedding. Your wedding day is also the first day of your marriage. I am a firm believer in marriage and what it represents, and I love it when I know my couples do too.  I will capture the first day of your marriage so that after the cake is eaten and the flowers wilt, you will have beautiful images to remind you of the very beginning of your journey as husband and wife.